Healthy Seas is our partner when it comes to cleaning the oceans of litter and waste nets. The organization was founded in 2013 and since then has been operating under the motto: "A journey from waste to wear." Through its large network of volunteer divers and in cooperation with stakeholders from the fishing industry, it ensures that ocean waste becomes a sustainable resource. The company Aquafil turns this waste like e.g. rescued nylon fishing nets into ECONYL® yarn.

At bekeen we are proud to source the fabric for our products from this reliable and environmentally responsible partnership. To ensure this is long-term and sustainable, we donate 1% of every purchase to Healthy Seas. Together, we can show you some impressive figures from their internal data pool below.

© Max Licen | GHOST DIVING Adriatic

© Derk Remmers | GHOST DIVING

© Derk Remmers | GHOST DIVING

© Imad Farhat | GHOST DIVING

© Healthy Seas