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Ocean Waste becomes Swimwear

Summer Collection 2024

Join us in creating a sustainable future for sports and making a positive impact on our planet. At our core, we are committed to protecting our oceans and challenging the status quo. bekeen creates stylish performance swimwear and equipment from upcycled materials like old fishing nets and floating plastic. 

By choosing our products, you become an active participant in building a better world. Together, let's make a splash into a brighter, more sustainable future.

About bekeen

bekeen is a swimwear brand dedicated to bring sustainability to swim practice.

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Performance Swimwear

Experience the perfect fit and stylish design of our training swimsuits, swimtrunks and bekeenis while swimming. Dive into comfort and enjoy the chlorine-resistant fabrics!

Swim Caps

Our swim caps are made from recycled silicone and can perfectly be combined with our swimwear.

Lifestyle Products

Our lifestyle products are true all-rounders. They not only look amazing at the beach but also provide exceptional support for sporty activities.

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